The surprise was't really a surprise.

Imagine that you're trying to coordinate the planning of a surprise gift for a friend, child, spouse, or lover.

You send messages back and forth with friends or family members, via email, Facebook, Twitter, or your favorite social network.

You tried hard to keep the surprise a secret, but despite your best efforts, she caught a glimpse of one of the messages, and figured out the surprise.

The big day arrives, and she tries to act surprised when you deliver the present. She doesn't have to say anything because the look on her face tells you everything you need to know.

The surprise was't really a surprise.

This time, your surprise isn't ruined.

Now imagine that same scenario, but this time, the messages were scrambled by one of the scrambling tools.

This time, with a little help from, your surprise isn't ruined.

Keep Spoilers From Spoiling

Imagine being able to discuss movies online, using the Scramblebot ROT13 or ROT47 tool to keep spoilers hidden from those who would prefer not to see them, and then including a link in your message back to, with instructions for decoding the spoiler.

A Bit Of Privacy doesn't provide you with military grade encryption, but it can give you with a degree of privacy by making it so your written messages cannot be read at first glance.

This helps you to keep your special surprises a surprise, your private discussions private, and your secret love letters... well.. secret.

When you use to encode your written messages, you can rest assured that if your messages happen to discovered in their encoded form by someone, their real content will remain a mystery as long as the discoverer doesn't have the "secret decoder ring."